May 27, 2021

EGGS 209: The importance of deep-listening and becoming a great listener with Oscar Trimboli

Hey everyone and welcome back to the inaugural episode of Eggs Classic where we feature some of our favorite podcasts from our last four years of making Eggs, The Podcast.

As summer approaches, schedules grow tighter, and on the occasional week where Mike and I cannot get together, like this week, we want to share content that newer listeners may have missed from our amazing back catalog and revisit guests and conversations that we think are worth hearing again.

We really value the support of the Eggs community and each week strive to reward the newbies and OGs with content sure to enrich your lives with relevant information and topics chosen to help you achieve whatever it is you hope to. So, without any further adieu please join me in this special re-presentation of episode number 129,  from November 7, 2019, featuring deep listening expert, keynote speaker and author, Oscar Trimboli.


This week on Eggs we have special guest, listening expert, keynote speaker, and author Oscar Trimboli. All the way from Sydney, Australia Oscar calls in to share with us some tips on how we can all become better listeners and maximize our conversations. Talking with — and listening to — Oscar was a really enjoyable experience and the crew is thrilled to share the conversation with you here. Enjoy!

Our Guest:
Oscar Trimboli
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