September 1, 2022

Eggs 274: Reclaiming and reconnecting with our authentic creative selves with Albert Flynn DeSilver

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Today’s special guest is Albert Flynn DeSilver, an award-winning and internationally published writer, TEDx speaker, and workshop leader known for his merging of creative writing with the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Albert’s work is widely known, appearing in more than a hundred literary journals worldwide, and he’s been recognized for his accomplishments in being named Marin County, California’s very first poet laureate. When he’s not writing, he’s teaching writing, driven by a passion for showing people how they can rediscover and reconnect with their inherent creative genius and reignite joy, fun, spontaneity, and wisdom through the practice and process of writing.

Albert joins the show today for an insightful conversation about how people can use writing as a transformational process for healing, implementing practices to help alleviate anxiety and compulsive behaviors, managing fear and doubt to reconnect with our authentic creative selves, and so much more. Please join us in welcoming to the show, Albert Flynn DeSilver.

Our Guest:
Albert Flynn DeSilver
Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

Hosted by Ryan Roghaar
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