September 20, 2018

EGGS 071: Matt Cilderman of Cilderman Solutions

This week on Eggs we are thrilled to have special guest Matt Cilderman. More than a month in the making, Matt is a digital marketer and strategist based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Further he is a content creator for the Futur—home of our dear friends and Eggs show alumni Chris Do, Ben Burns and Matthew Encina—having crafted the course Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs. We have a really great discussion about networking, writing, creating great content and finally get to the bottom of the ever elusive SEO—you know, the thing we all need more of but no one knows what it is. The conversation was super informational and a lot of fun, join us and learn something new.

Our Guest:
Matt Cilderman
Cilderman Solutions
Twitter: @mcilderman

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