August 16, 2018

EGGS 066: Jamal Collins of and Creative Kids

Hey everybody welcome to Eggs. This week's guest is Jamal Collins AKA Jayworking. I met him briefly, or I should say he came into my awareness at the often discussed WMC fest in Cleveland where Jamal was a keynote speaker. Jamal is well-known graphic designer, speaker and perennial podcast guest, but he’s probably better known for the amazing work he does in his community. After years of decline and hardship in Cleveland Jamal set out to create a program that offers graphic design training to underprivileged children in the hardest hit parts of town. A Cleveland native, he has dedicated his life to rebuilding the city that he loves and giving opportunity those who might not otherwise have it. He is a truly inspirational figure and we are grateful to have him on the show, ladies and gents, let's give a warm welcome Designer, Educator, Mentor and Community Advocate Jamal Collins.

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Jamal Collins

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