Eggs 273: Navigating the path to financial freedom with Bob Wheeler

Hey everybody, and welcome back to Eggs. Thanks so much for tuning in this week and contributing to our ever-growing community of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Be sure to check out our website at for past episodes from the brilliant people who have been kind enough to share their knowledge on the show, and today’s episode will be no exception.

Today’s special guest is the incredible Bob Wheeler. Bob is a financial expert, motivator, author, comedian, podcast host, and founder of The Money Nerve. In addition, he’s a partner at the Santa Monica-based accounting firm Wheeler and Bi CPA and CFO of the world-famous Comedy Store.

Bob has melded his crusade for personal growth with his accounting expertise to create a new approach to personal finance. He works vehemently to help others gain insights into how their emotions drive their financial decisions and helps them regain control of their pocketbook by creating a healthy relationship with money.

Bob joins us today for a conversation about how our emotions can impact financial decision-making, why nearly all of us could benefit from a little financial therapy, taking baby steps to get back on the path to financial freedom, and so much more. Please welcome to the show financial expert Bob Wheeler.

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Bob Wheeler
Podcast host and financial expert

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