August 2, 2018

EGGS 064: CEO Clipshow

This week on Eggs we have a CEO clipshow! Summer is in full-swing at the Eggs show and travel—and a guest cancellation—got us thinking. We have been blessed to meet with some amazing business owners and CEO-types recently so why don't we mash em' up and give the listeners a crash course in business? And that exactly what we did. On this weeks show you'll hear from some of our all-time favs including Brett Pinegar (CEO - Xgroup), Ryan Carson (CEO - Treehouse), Scott Halford (CEO - Foursite Studios) and Dan Davis (CEO - Stiry). So grab a pad and paper, few episodes will do so much in terms of inspiring you to get your "egg" going, whatever it might be! Lets gooooo!

Our Guest(s): 
Brett Pinegar, CEO Xgroup

Ryan Carson, CEO Treehouse

Scott Halford, CEO Foursite Studios

Dan Davis, CEO Stiry

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