December 29, 2022

Eggs 290: 2022 EGGY Awards - Annual Award Show

Hey everybody, and welcome back to a very special episode of Eggs. That’s right. Listeners of the show know that this is not only the last show of the year but also our best, and this year is no exception. It’s the fifth annual Eggy Awards!

Now… What's an Eggy, you might ask? Well, it's our opportunity to celebrate just a few of the more than 50 amazing guests willing to grace our airwaves in the last calendar year. We take some clips and mash them together into a super-powered, highly motivating podcast that will give you a quick look at some of the fantastic content we’ve created this year.

Today we’ll feature six guests from a swath of categories who’ve appeared on the show this year and treat your listening ears with a little dash of the wisdom they so generously dropped on the show. Let me tell you, the selection process isn’t easy, but for those walking away with a coveted Eggy award, thank you for your contribution not only to our show but to the lives of those who listen in every day.

Who will win top honors? Listen in to find out. Now… on with the show.

Our Guests:


Dave Smith - RIAA Gold professional songwriter and owner at GraySound  Recording - Ep. 249

Personal Development
Brian Bogert - Personal development coach and business leader - Ep. 281

Business Development
Jason Yormark - Founder and CEO at Socialistics - Ep. 272

Business Leadership
Simon Severino - Founder and CEO at Strategy Sprints - Ep. 245

Albert Flynn DeSilver - Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader - Ep. 274

Honorable Mention - Finance
Bob Wheeler - Financial expert, and podcast host - Ep. 273


Hosted by: Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
Produced by: Michael Smith
Theme music: "Perfect Day" by OPM

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Feature with Zack Chmeis of Straight Method up now!

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