May 10, 2018

EGGS 052: Ryan Carson - Founder & CEO at Treehouse

Happy anniversary! 52 weeks ago we began Eggs with the mission of exploring creativity and how it applies to all the many things we do. Since then, we have talked to experts in business, advertising, radio, music, entertainment, cooking and so much more. It really has been quite a journey. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, thank you dearly from the bottom of our hearts. And for the many, many more who have joined us along the way allow me to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support.

With all that said, we're wrapping up our first year with a real humdinger. This week we have Founder and CEO at Treehouse, Ryan Carson. Ryan is an incredibly generous person and was willing to give us an hour to discuss a wide gamut of subjects with us including getting his start in tech, building his online education platform Treehouse from the root up (now with nearly 200K students worldwide), building a professional network and punishing our kids with burpees. It was a fun, candid conversation full of practical information. Tune in and turn up and consider your life changed. You're welcome! ;)

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Our Guest:

Ryan Carson
Founder & CEO at Treehouse
Instagram: @ryancarson
Twitter: @ryancarson


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