February 22, 2024

Eggs 350: Revolution, Riffs, and Road Stories: Behind the Scenes with Authority Zero's Frontman, Jason Devore

In this episode, Ryan Roghaar and Mike interview Jason Devore, the frontman of Authority Zero. They discuss Jason's background in music, his experiences at music festivals in Mexico, and the impact of meeting his idols. They also talk about the early days of Authority Zero, the recording process of their album Passage in Time, and their journey to signing with Lava Atlantic Records. The conversation covers the band's journey from signing with a record label to shooting music videos, the evolution of their sound, parallel paths with other bands and artists, the theme of revolution in their music, Jason DeVore's solo projects and artwork, and upcoming projects including a charity skate brand. 

In this conversation, Jason DeVore discusses his involvement in the skateboarding scene and how it has influenced his life and career. He talks about collaborating with bands and artists to create skateboard decks and how it has been successful in generating interest and participation. DeVore also shares a memorable incident at a music venue where his bass player caused a power outage before their set. The conversation then shifts to the challenges of being on the road with a band and offers insights on managing relationships and maintaining harmony within the group.


  • Meeting your idols can have a profound impact on your life and career.
  • Treating people well and being genuine can make a lasting impression.
  • Music has the power to connect people and create lifelong memories.
  • Success in the music industry often comes from a combination of talent, hard work, and lucky opportunities.
  • Signing with a record label can open doors and provide resources for growth and exposure. The band's signing with a record label marked a turning point in their career, leading to opportunities like shooting music videos and touring.
  • The band's sound evolved over time, influenced by various genres and their own unique style.
  • The band's journey and experiences shaped their music and lyrics, with themes of revolution and personal growth.
  • Working with different producers provided valuable insights and techniques that helped the band improve their music.
  • Jason DeVore's solo projects and artwork allowed him to explore different creative avenues and connect with fans on a personal level.
  • The band is currently working on new projects, including a charity skate brand, and continues to evolve their sound and engage with their audience. Collaborating with other artists and brands can be a fun way to stay involved in a particular culture or scene.
  • Patience, understanding, and effective communication are essential for maintaining healthy relationships within a band.
  • Taking time for oneself and engaging in activities outside of the band can help maintain mental well-being and prevent burnout.
  • Avoiding passive-aggressive behavior and addressing conflicts directly can help prevent resentment and maintain a strong bond within the band.

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:20 Mexico and Music Festivals
05:28 Early Life and Influences
10:28 Moving to Phoenix and Starting Authority Zero
18:40 Meeting Idols and the Impact of Personal Connections
23:14 The Passage in Time Album and Success
30:16 Record Labels and Signing with Lava Atlantic Records
32:40 Signing with a Record Label and Shooting Music Videos
34:19 Evolution of the Band's Sound and Journey
36:05 Parallel Paths with Other Bands and Artists
39:21 The Second Album: Andiamo
41:31 Working with Different Producers
45:19 The Theme of Revolution in the Music
48:54 Jason DeVore's Solo Projects and Artwork
55:52 Upcoming Projects and Charity Skate Brand
01:04:19 Skateboarding Culture and Collaboration
01:06:08 Managing Relationships in a Band

Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
Produced by Ryan Roghaar
Theme music: "Perfect Day" by OPM

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