February 1, 2024

Eggs 347: Delegate Your Way to Growth: Leverage Tech to Scale your Business with Maddy Martin

This weeks special guest is Maddy Martin. Maddy is the head of growth and education at Smith.ai, which provides integrated phone and web chat services for small-to-medium sized businesses including their virtual receptionist & intake service, live website chat, and Keypad cloud phone system. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California, and has expertise in digital marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, SEO, and event marketing. Here to talk about all that and so much more, join us in welcoming our guest, Maddy Martin. 

  • 0:00 Intro and welcome guest Maddy Martin, Head of Growth and Education at Smith AI.
  • 1:22 Maddy's background: from culinary arts to online SEO and now to Smith AI.
  • 3:33 How Maddy's experience in content creation and audience building translates to her work at Smith AI.
  • 6:08 The importance of understanding your target audience and speaking their language.
  • 8:22 What is Smith AI and how does it work? (Calls, chats, text messages, Facebook messages)
  • 11:22 How Smith AI helps businesses qualify leads and capture more sales.
  • 13:33 Using Smith AI's chatbots to gather valuable customer data and insights.
  • 15:22 How to get started with Smith AI: free trial, pricing plans, and custom solutions.
  • 18:33 Smith AI vs. traditional lead generation: focus on prequalification and nurturing leads.
  • 20:22 Can you get transcripts of the conversations with Smith AI's live staff?
  • 22:22 Integrating Smith AI with your existing phone system and recording calls.
  • 24:22 Parting shot: Maddy encourages listeners to delegate more and try Smith AI with a special discount code (EGGS100).
  • 26:22 Outro and thanks to Maddy and the audience.

Our Guest:
Maddy Martin

Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
Produced by Ryan Roghaar
Theme music: "Perfect Day" by OPM

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