EGGS 049: Brett Pinegar founder X Group

Today’s on Eggs we have special guest Brett Pinegar. Brett is a longtime businessman and CEO based in Salt Lake City. Formerly CEO of WealthCouncil, after a 2015 diagnosis of Parkinson's disease Brett chose to redirect his energy and now spends much of his time consulting and coaching small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them to creatively solve problems and grow companies through his company X Group and his new podcast Seeking Excellence. We had a really interesting conversation full of great advice and practical information great for anyone with a business or simply looking for a fresh perspective on life. Great guest, great show. Join us won't you.

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Our Guest:

Brett Pinegar
Founder X Group
Instagram: @brettpinegar
Facebook: @brettpinegar
Twitter: @brettpinegar

Brett's podcast, Seeking Excellence is available on iTunes and anywhere great pod is found


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April 20, 2018