December 21, 2023

Eggs 341: Redefining Success: Ryan Hanley's Journey Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This week on Eggs! The Podcast, we delve into the multifaceted world of Ryan Hanley, a seasoned entrepreneur and thought leader in the insurance industry. Join us as we explore Ryan's unique journey from his beginnings in insurance to becoming a CEO and founding his own agency. We dive deep into his perspectives on entrepreneurship, continuous learning, and the evolving landscape of business and marketing. Through candid discussions, Ryan shares invaluable insights on adaptability, the power of practical skills, and his innovative approaches to staying ahead in a rapidly changing industry. Tune in for an episode filled with wisdom, strategies, and inspiring stories from Ryan's dynamic career.


Key Takeaways

Ryan Hanley's Career Journey (00:17 - 05:05): Ryan shares his career path, starting in the insurance industry, transitioning to a chief marketing officer role, then CEO of a fitness franchise, and eventually founding his own insurance agency. He talks about his experiences with entrepreneurship and the challenges he faced, including being fired and dealing with COVID-19 impacts.

Embracing Continuous Learning and Adaptability (05:35 - 15:48): Ryan discusses his intrinsic desire to learn and adapt, his approach to problem-solving in business, and the importance of adding value and being an educator in his field.

The Realities of Entrepreneurship (15:48 - 18:38): He shares candid insights about the demands and sacrifices of being an entrepreneur, emphasizing the need for resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to make sacrifices for success.

Approach to Business and Marketing (19:04 - 25:27): Hanley talks about his approach to business, focusing on providing value, and discusses his innovative strategies in marketing, particularly in the insurance industry.

The Importance of Trades and Practical Skills (25:27 - 29:19): Ryan highlights the significance of trades and practical skills in the current job market, questioning the value of traditional business education in comparison to real-world experience.

The Evolution of the Insurance Industry (37:42 - 43:35): Discussion about how the insurance industry has evolved, particularly with the integration of digital technologies and strategies.

Strategies for Success in Business (43:35 - 46:36): Ryan shares his strategies for success, focusing on looking at best practices in other industries and applying them to his own, and the importance of finding gaps in best practices to exploit.

Transition to Consultancy and Future Plans (46:36 - 51:06): Hanley discusses his transition into consultancy, sharing his plans to teach his business and sales strategies to others, and expresses his long-term vision and excitement for the future.

00:00 Introduction and Background

05:13 Preparing for a Career

08:41 The Entrepreneurial Mindset

18:40 The Value of Hard Work

29:19 Opportunities in Trades and Entrepreneurship

32:53 Overcoming Challenges and Taking Risks

37:52 Differentiating from Best Practices

41:23 The Importance of Being Digitally Native

42:52 Exploiting Gaps in Best Practices

43:35 The Impact of Antiquated Systems in the Insurance Industry

46:59 Transitioning into Consultancy

49:21 The One Call Close Process

50:46 Contact Information

Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
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