May 16, 2019

EGGS 105: Prady Tewarie - Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Azöth

Hey eggrybody! Welcome back to another exciting installment of Eggs! The Podcast. This week we have special guest Prady Tewarie. Prady is the owner and CEO of Azöth, a supplement company specializing in nootropics for mental health, cognitive awareness and boosting productivity. Based in the Boston area Prady is also a serial entrepreneur and business coach who has made it his mission to add value to every interaction and does so by sharing his knowledge from more than a decade of successfully transforming businesses with anyone who needs it. Further he applies the work ethic, discipline and tenacity developed over years training to become a professional bodybuilder to discuss the importance of constructing systems in our business and our personal lives. He presently hosts a podcast called The Enlightened Millennial and joining us here on Eggs today. Tune in, rate, like, share and subscribe!

Our Guest:
Prady Tewarie
Owner and CEO Azöth
Podcast: The Enlightened Millenial

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Feature with Zack Chmeis of Straight Method up now!

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