December 7, 2023

Eggs 339: Double your revenue in 90-days with Simon Severino

On today's episode of Eggs Classics, we have special guest is CEO and founder of Strategy Sprints, Simon Severino. Simon helps the owners of SaaS and service businesses learn how to run their companies more efficiently resulting in sales that soar. He created the Strategy Sprints® Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds, helping clients rapidly gain market share using weekly sprints. He is also a Forbes Business Council Member, a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, and a member of Duke Corporate Education.

Joining us today to talk about doubling your profitability in just 90 days, how to build a fast and responsive company using sprints, identifying and exploiting a new competitive advantage, and so much more. Please join us in welcoming to the show, Simon Severino.

Our Guest:
Simon Severino

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