November 4, 2021

Eggs 232: Overcoming addiction and building million-dollar companies with Michael G. Dash

Hey everybody I’m Ryan and welcome back to Eggs! This week we have a unique episode for you going back in time to feature one of my favorite interviews from the past. Why you ask? For people who didn’t catch last week's show, for the next little bit, approximately 12 weeks, we’re going to be doing things a little differently. As discussed at length on last week’s show, my favorite co-host and yours, Mike, has begun and is now up to his eyeballs in an exciting new adventure. Mike is presently taking part in a super-intensive web development Bootcamp as part of a big career pivot he’s exploring. Off-air he and I have talked and he’s explained he’s presently programming from 10 AM to midnight, between classwork and homework, and recording this show at our regular cadence simply isn’t doable for him.

That said, we are working diligently to put together some fun programming for you and take advantage of this break in our regularly scheduled program. More on that in the coming weeks, but let’s chat about today's drop. Today we are going way back in time to July 2019 for one of my all-time favorite interviews with the author, speaker, and philanthropist, Michael G. Dash. Michaels story is one wrought with ups and downs from drug and gambling addiction to building multimillion-dollar businesses. At the time he appeared in-person on Eggs from our downtown Salt Lake City studio, he was promoting his book Chasing the High which details his story in all of its gritty details all so that those he encounters or works with as part of his F.A.T.E. Program, can learn from his experience.

I am really excited to share this show with new listeners who may have missed it, and even more for those OGs who have heard it but could benefit from hearing it again. So, without further adieu, join me in going all the way back to a pre-COVID world, July 11, 2019, for a conversation with Michael G. Dash. Let’s go!


Hey everyone, welcome back to a special edition of EGGS. This week we have special guest Michael G. Dash. Michael Dash is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, coach, and philanthropist available for speaking engagements, both for young people and for active professionals. Michael has had a collection of unique experiences from “chasing the high” with his prior gambling and drug addiction to overcoming adversity when his business partner conspired against him.

Despite these challenges, Michael persevered and built a thriving business bringing in $5+ million dollars in revenue each year. Michael’s experiences give him a unique mindset that he imparts to audiences to help them lead their best life personally and professionally. Welcome our guest author of the new book, Chasing the High, Michael G. Dash

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Our Guest:
Michael G. Dash - Author, Speaker and Philanthropist
Author of Chasing the High

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