September 14, 2023

Eggs 327: How to win at real estate investing when the market sucks with Alan Siebenaler

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Today, we are thrilled to have Alan Siebenaler, a 22-year veteran real estate agent and investor. To say that Alan’s investing career has been an easy one would be a flat-out lie. Over the years, Alan has managed to survive a hurricane that nearly destroyed a 48-unit property in Texas, took on gangs at his affordable housing project in Chicago, and so much more. However, despite the many challenges, his real estate investments have paid off big, achieving single transaction profits of over $1 million.

Today he will be sharing his secrets on how to take advantage of the market as a real estate investor — even when the market sucks, seller financing and creative financing tips for buying properties without banks, and how to retire in five years with real estate investing. Get ready to learn from one of the best in the business. Join us in welcoming to the show, Alan Siebenaler.


Our Guest:
Alan Siebenaler
Residential real estate agent and investor


Hosted by Ryan Roghaar and Michael Smith
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