December 10, 2020

Eggs 186: Eric D. Brotman - Founder and CEO at BFG Financial Advisors

Eric D. Brotman, CFP®, AEP®, CPWA® is Chief Executive Officer of BFG Financial Advisors, an independent investment firm assisting clients with wealth creation, preservation, and distribution. Eric has over 25 years of experience in financial planning and founded the firm in Baltimore in 2003. BFG provides investment, retirement, estate, insurance, and comprehensive financial planning services for families, professionals, executives, and business owners.

Eric is the host of the Don’t Retire... Graduate! podcast, dedicated to teaching listeners how to advance into retirement rather than retreating into it. Every episode provides listeners with inspiration and actionable advice to guide each of them towards a seamless transition into a dignified retirement. His new book ‘Don’t Retire, Graduate’ is available now at or anywhere great books are sold.

Eric joins us for a conversation about personal finance, destigmatizing money, planning for a happy and healthy future, and so much more. Please join me in welcoming to the show, Eric D. Brotman.


Eric D. Brotman
Founder and CEO at BFG Financial Advisors

Get Eric's new book, Don't Retire, Graduate here:
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