EGGS 057: Scott Halford - Director and CEO Foursite Studios

This week on Eggs we have a Swiss army knife of video production. He’s is producer, director, motion designer, event cinematographer adjunct professor and so much more  Scott Halford. Scott is owner of Foursite Studios a Utah-based company specializing in live performance, livestreaming, motion graphics and photography. We had a lot of business talk and covered a range of topics that will be helpful not just for people in his line of work but in general if you have a business or are thinking about one. We covered starting a film festival, building personal brand and reputation, putting up or shutting up, knowing your value and what to charge for your work. You're gonna love this one! Tune in, turn up and get motivated.

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Our Guest:

Scott Halford
Director and CEO Foursite Studios


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June 14, 2018