EGGS 013: Good help is hard to find… or used to be anyway

***First off, much love for our friends and family in Barcelona who in this very moment are suffering after an senseless act of terrorism. You are in our hearts and minds. ***

Back in SLC this week with a big show. Its still wedding season and that means Mikey is traveling and working also reuniting? As teased last week he's catching up with old pals in sunny SEA. Then, after a weekend on the lake Ryan is back and full of piss and vinegar ready to take the world by storm dropping a few new eggs of his own this week.

From there we delve into the art, neigh science of finding good help. Hiring the right person for the job can be a real challenge but never fear we are here to walk you through the process offering tried and true advice on the matter. From designers to doormen we have advice for you.

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