September 9, 2021

Eggs 224: Maximizing communication to build better relationships with Robbie Kramer

Hey there, and welcome back to Eggs! This week we have founder and CEO of Inner Confidence, Robbie Kramer. Robbie founded Inner Confidence in 2008 as a platform to help men improve their social skills, develop confidence and charisma, and improve their dating and love lives. Not only do the skills Robbie and his group teach apply to life and love, but they are also applicable in the boardroom. Growing personally and professionally, developing a sense of worth and air of likability can help business leaders not only shine in interpersonal relationships,  but can allow them to achieve more at work and build the lives they want.

Joining us today for an insightful conversation about how to level up socially, professionally, and so much more, please welcome to the show, Inner Confidence founder Robbie Kramer.

Our Guest:
Robbie Kramer, Founder and CEO at Inner Confidence

Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
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