EGGS 010: Practice makes perfect. Seriously… Thats the title.

In this 5th and final international edition of the EGGS show - Mike and Ryan begin with a spirited conversation about all the goings on both here in Spain and back home in the states. Winding down the the fantastic experience here in Spain Ryan recaps the week.

Turning the page the guys get into this weeks topic, "practice makes perfect." We know, we know, its cliché but seriously this is good advice! Many of us are quick to put the cart before the horse but if you want to be good… neigh great, you've got to work for it and that means practice, that means reps.

EGGS is a podcast about all things creative, regardless of what that means to you. From the creativity involved in launching a business, building brand, crafting an entertainment career or whatever, we talk about the process of growing your EGG from start to finish.

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