June 22, 2023

Eggs 315: If not now, when? Building a sustainable career doing what you love with B. Jeffrey Madoff

Welcome to Eggs! The Podcast, featuring the best and brightest minds in business leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology. Today, we have a special guest, B. Jeffrey Madoff, founder and CEO of Madoff Productions.

Considered a storyteller and incisive interviewer, Jeffrey has used his talents to help position major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and Radio City Music Hall. Additionally, he’s created one of the most popular courses at the famous Parsons School of Design, "Creativity: Making a Living with Your Ideas," and penned the book based on the class, “Creative Careers.”  

Too much to pack into an intro, join us here as we explore Jeffrey's creative career, understanding creativity and the misnomer of left vs. right brain thinking, defining success, his wildly popular course at Parsons School of Design, and so much more! Let's dive into the mind of one of the most dynamic and creative people in the industry. Please join us in welcoming to the show B. Jeffrey Madoff.


Our Guest:
B. Jeffrey Madoff
CEO at Madoff Productions: https://madoffproductions.com

Author/Producer of “Personality: The LLoyd price Musical”


Hosted by Ryan Roghaar and Michael Smith
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