February 8, 2024

Eggs 348: Grow your business through sponsorship with Ken Ungar

Hey everyone and welcome back to eggs. Today's special guest is Ken Ungar. Ken is the President & Founder of CHARGE. A company focused on unlocking the power of sponsorships to enhance the brands and grow the businesses of the C-suite, sales workforce, and nonprofit space alike.

Ken’s clients and collaborators have included Honda, Acura, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Coca-Cola, Disney, and more, in addition to fifty-plus professional athletes in the NFL, NASCAR, and IndyCar.

Here to talk about How can companies cut through the cluttered, oversaturated business marketing landscape, the most important factors to consider when choosing a corporate sponsor, how sponsorships play a role in enhancing the fan experience in sports, art, community events, and so much more. Please join me in welcoming to the show, Ken Ungar.

Our Guest:
Ken Ungar
Charge Sponsorship

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