November 30, 2023

Eggs 338: Profit or Perish - Marcel Petitpas Reveals Agency Success Secrets

Guest: Marcel Petitpas, CEO of Parakeeto

Show Notes:

Introduction [00:00 - 00:03]

  • Host Ryan welcomes listeners to a new episode of Eggs! The Podcast.
  • Introduction of guest Marcel Petitpas.

Marcel Petitpas's Introduction [00:09 - 00:20]

  • Marcel introduces himself and discusses his role at Parakeeto.

Insights into Parakeeto [00:20 - 00:44]

  • Marcel explains Parakeeto's mission to improve profitability for digital and creative agencies.

The Profitability Challenge in Agencies [00:44 - 01:37]

  • Discussion on common issues faced by agencies in measuring and managing profitability.

Marcel's Professional Background [01:37 - 03:37]

  • From sales and marketing at Apple to starting his own agency, Marcel shares his career journey.

Venturing into VR and Facing Business Challenges [03:37 - 05:21]

  • Marcel talks about his early venture into real estate VR services and the challenges encountered.

Transition to Software Services [05:21 - 09:38]

  • How Marcel's path led him to the software service industry and the inception of Parakeeto.

Deep Dive into Agency Profitability Metrics [09:38 - 13:29]

  • Marcel discusses essential metrics and strategies for ensuring profitability in agency projects.

Value-Based Pricing and Its Implications [13:29 - 22:39]

  • A conversation on the pros and cons of value-based pricing and time tracking.

Client Management and Scope Definition [22:39 - 27:42]

  • Strategies for defining project scope accurately and managing client expectations.

Entrepreneurial Insights and Positioning [27:42 - 58:55]

  • Marcel shares insights on entrepreneurship, the importance of positioning, and selecting the right clients.

Conclusion and Contact Information [58:55 - End]

  • Wrapping up the episode with final thoughts and how to connect with Marcel and Parakeeto.

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