March 3, 2022

Eggs 249: Uncovering and leading with your authentic self with Drew Smith

Hey everybody and welcome back to Eggs. Today's special guest is Drew Smith. Drew Smith is an award-winning professional songwriter (RIAA GOLD) and country artist based in Nashville, TN. He is the owner of Gray Sound Recording LLC, working as a producer and senior mixing engineer and the creator of “The Before You Record Course,” for new artists.

Drew’s work has been recorded in many countries including the US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and Australia — among others — by legends including Merle Haggard, Nashville powerhouse Randy Houser, Rob Snyder, Jason Charles Miller, and many more.

Here for a conversation about the state of music for indie artists, making a name as an independent, the creative process behind writing and publishing and so much more. Please join us in welcoming to the show Drew Smith.

Our Guest:
Drew Smith

Hosted by Ryan Roghaar
Produced by Ryan Roghaar
Theme music: "The Truth" by Drew Smith

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