September 17, 2020

Eggs 174: Shane Foss - Founder and CEO of Hooray Health

Hey everyone and welcome back to Eggs. Today's special guest is Shane Foss. Shane has worked as an executive in the medical industry for more than 20 years, and in that time became frustrated with how under-served Americans were with the current healthcare options.

He set out to make a change and in 2018 achieved this goal through launching Hooray Health, an unconventional health insurance company dedicated to providing affordable basic and urgent health care alternatives to high-deductible health plans.

Through Hooray Health, Foss and his team focus on offering peace of mind to lower-income individuals and families who face medical challenges, while also providing business owners with an affordable way to reward and retain employees.

Here to talk about the state of the healthcare industry, what Americans should be most worried about when it comes to health care, what employers and business owners need to know and more, please join me in welcoming our guest Shane Foss to the show.

Our Guest:
Shane Foss
Founder and CEO of Hooray Health

Hosted by: Ryan Roghaar (No Mike, but he was there in spirit)
Produced by: Michael Smith
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