EGGS 086: Internet business attorney Richard Chapo

Happy new year eggrybody and welcome back to Eggs! 2019 is here and we're starting off the year strong with our guest Richard Chapo. Richard is a So-Cal-based internet business attorney who has been helping online entrepreneurs avoid “Crap Your Pants” copyright infringement letters and other threats when operating online since 1992. He’s traveled extensively around the world, having lived in Siberia for a year as well as spending time throughout Europe, Central America, and Asia. We talked Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), internet privacy, net neutrality and so much more in this amazing conversation! Get on board and take a listen, you'll be glad you did!

Free consult with Richard Chapo visit: Just mention you heard about him on EGGS!

Our Guest:
Richard Chapo
So-Cal Internet Lawyer

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January 3, 2019