November 22, 2018

EGGS 080: Dave Smith Podcaster and Senior Engineer at

Welcome everybody to a Thanksgiving Day edition of Eggs! Today's guest is Dave Smith, senior software engineer at and co-host of the Soft Skills Engineering podcast. We had a great talk about working in the technology field, hiring and firing, what you can do to land your dream job and we attempt to get to the bottom of the creepy laugh that Alexa was doing for a while. This was a really valuable conversation chock full of insights and great information for aspiring developers, programmers and really anyone looking for work. So while that turkey is settling in your gut and you're tipping a tall one join us for a round of (devilled) Eggs, the Podcast! Rate, like and subscribe wontcha! Gobble gobble!

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Dave Smith - Podcaster and Senior Engineer at
Soft Skills Podcast
Twitter @SoftSkillsEng

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