June 29, 2023

Eggs 316: Overcoming adversity to become a marketing powerhouse with Chantel Soumis

Welcome back to Eggs Classic. All the way back from Episode 88, this week we have brand sorceress, LinkedIn influencer, differently-abled advocate, and entrepreneur Chantel Soumis. Chantel is a Wisconsin-based marketing expert and speaker who has quickly found herself among the top of the creator heap on LinkedIn, where she shares her compelling story of overcoming what could have been a debilitating illness through the power of hard work and a positive outlook. Today Chantel brings her bubbly brand of empowerment and skill in marketing and content creation to help her clients—and anyone really—overcome their own struggles and achieve! Our conversation, as usual, was multifaceted, covering where she came from and where she was going leaving no stone unturned along the way. Chantel is a real inspiration, and consider yourself blessed to have the chance to "meet her" on Eggs. Grab your Snuggy and something to drink, you're gonna want to be comfortable while you take this one in. Let's do it!

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