Eggs 300: Raising venture capital the right way with Jason Kirby

Woot woot! Episode 300!!!!

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Eggs! Today’s special guest is Jason Kirby. Jason is the co-founder and CEO at, a digital broker democratizing access to capital for venture-backable startups.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jason is and has been the executive leader of four different startups that have been acquired or sold and have raised more than a combined $40 million dollars. This experience and his acquired knowledge uniquely qualify him for his present role at

You see, Jason is passionate about serving founders and capital allocators. He has been exposed to what it takes to build a company from the inside out, taking a strong vision and packaging it up for success. From creative services, education, HRtech, gaming, cloud infrastructure, and beyond, he has a proven track record that shows that his systems and strategies designed to get your business funded are industry agnostic.

Joining us today for a conversation covering topics like fundraising from angels and VCs, joining an existing startup as an executive, why and when you should or shouldn't raise capital, and more plucked from his experience scaling, building, and exiting businesses, please join us in welcoming to the show, CEO and Founder at Jason Kirby.

Our Guest:
Jason Kirby
Founder and CEO at Thunder.VC

Hosted by Ryan Roghaar and Michael Smith
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