September 29, 2022

Eggs 278: Developing a growth mindset from the ground up with Ryan Niddel

Hey everybody and welcome back to Eggs! This week we have a very special guest, CEO, board member, entrepreneur, and top business growth specialist Ryan Niddel.

Ryan is a leading authority on growing the revenue of companies by improving their EBITDA through increased operational efficiency, lean manufacturing principles, and more, based on years of real-life experience. He has worked on the acquisition or exit of more than a dozen companies seeing them surpass collective sales of more than $240 million dollars. Additionally, through his efforts, he has coached his clients through massive boosts in revenue which have added nearly a billion dollars to their collective valuations.

In addition to his big-business reputation, one unique aspect of Ryan’s practice is the work he does in his popular podcast, 15-Minutes to Freedom. On the show, he explores topics that are certainly becoming more popular in business but are still not totally mainstream, despite their importance to business leaders as humans. His conversations surround the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, goal setting, and lessons learned from everyday life that not only pertain to becoming better business leaders but also better people.

Joining us today for the first part of an exciting conversation that turned out to be much more of an origin story of how to craft a growth mindset than anything else, please join us in welcoming to the show, Ryan Niddel.

Our Guest:
Ryan Niddel
CEO, board member, entrepreneur, and top business growth specialist

Hosted by Ryan Roghaar
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