September 22, 2022

Eggs 277: Developing a conscious leadership mindset with Jeff Deckman

Hi there and welcome back to Eggs. Today's special guest is entrepreneur and leadership coach, Jeffrey Deckman.

Jeffrey is a nationally recognized thought leader and award-winning author on the next evolution of business leadership: Conscious Leadership. His recently published book on the topic,  “Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century” won a total of four national and international Stevie Awards® and is an Amazon best seller. He’s also 2021’s winner of the International Business Awards bronze medal for 'Innovator of the Year.'

Jeff’s background is one of a serial entrepreneur having bootstrapped 2 multi-million dollar companies, several non-profits, and multiple political organizations. Since 2005 he has been a leadership and organizational performance consultant and leadership coach. In that time he’s helped scores of clients grow by strengthening their leadership teams and helping them uncover, then mobilize, the hidden human capital that drives performance and profits in the 21st century.

Joining us today for a conversation about developing a conscious leadership mindset, discovering the organizational trinity — the “invisible” force that drives all organizational performance, effectively using proven consciousness and energy shifting strategies to significantly improve relationship resiliency, and so much more. Please welcome to the show, Jeffrey Deckman.

Our Guest:
Jeffrey Deckman
Entrepreneur and leadership coach

Hosted by Ryan Roghaar
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