June 30, 2022

Eggs 265: Grow your business today with a powerful SEO strategy and Vikas Singal

Hey everyone and welcome back to Eggs. This week we have special guest, SEO wizard, and entrepreneur, Vikas Singal. Also known as Sam, Vikas is the creator of SamBlogs a digital marketing firm based in India. Unlike your typical SEO agency, SamBlogs creates a unique experience for their clients that addresses their challenges and caters to their business needs with clarity, simplicity, experience, and most importantly honesty.

From a small village in India, and with a background in mechanical engineering, Vikas has long been entrepreneurial. In 2008, he started his first marketing agency in Mumbai but unfortunately — or fortunately — it failed. It was a devastating blow, but also became one of the most profound learning experiences in his life.

Just a few years later Vikas discovered digital marketing and realized he’d found his calling. Working independently at first, then rapidly growing, he discovered he had a unique understanding of SEO — or search engine optimization. He developed his knowledge and in short order launched SamBlogs, which has become one of the top digital marketing agencies in India.

It’s been a wild ride, and we can’t wait to dig in. Joining us today for a conversation about the importance of blogging in a company's SEO strategy, things that any business can do to improve their SEO today, how to know where your business stands currently from an SEO perspective, and so much more. Please join us in welcoming to the show Vikas Singal.

Our Guest:
Vikas Singal
SEO Expert and Founder at SamsBlogs
Official website: https://samblogs.com/

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