March 24, 2022

Eggs 252: Avoid burnout and become financially resilient with John Briggs

Hey everyone and welcome back to Eggs. Today’s special guest is the founder of Incite Tax and Accounting and the author of Profit First for Microgyms, John Briggs.

John’s accounting firm has more gyms for clients than any other firm in the country – not to mention thousands of other client-driven businesses. Through this vast experience, he has learned that achieving a highly profitable business can be overwhelming, particularly with all the barriers and uncertainties that a new owner could be forced to deal with. He’s found that this can lead quickly to stress and burnout, and many abandon their dream of business ownership altogether.

This is where John steps in. On a personal mission to help entrepreneurs avoid burnout, John helps them discover work/life balance and shows them how to increase their cash immediately so they can have more confidence in their choices and ultimately become financially resilient. Joining us today for a discussion about choosing the right tax structure to save thousands on taxes, cash flow management, how and when to grow and scale your business, and so much more, please join us in welcoming to the show John Briggs.

Our Guest:
John Briggs


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