March 10, 2022

Eggs 250: Why cybersecurity is everyone's business with Scott Schober

Hey everybody and welcome back to Eggs. This week we’ve got special guest, President, and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, best-selling author, and sought-after public speaker, Scott Schober.

Scott is a relentless scientist, engineer, and innovator. He is the inventor of cell phone detection tools that are used to enforce ‘no cell phone policies’ worldwide. These instruments are effectively used around the globe to find contraband cell phones smuggled into correctional facilities and corporate offices, in addition to government, military, law enforcement, and other private installations.

In addition, Scott is a highly sought-after subject matter expert on the topic of wireless security and cybersecurity for media outlets and public speaking events. He appears regularly on ABC News, Bloomberg TV, CBS This Morning, and CCTV America to name a few. He also presents visionary issues at conferences around the globe discussing wireless technology and its role in current cybersecurity breaches along with his vision for best practices to stay safe in the future.

Joining us today for an in-depth conversation about how to protect your small business from cyber-attacks and why cybersecurity is everyone's business, please join us in welcoming to the show Scott Schober.

Our Guest:
Scott Schober

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