December 16, 2021

Eggs 238: The philosophy of life, business, and finding your happiness with Grant Aldrich

This week on Eggs we have special guest, Grant Aldrich. Grant founded his company,, with a purpose-driven mission: make college more accessible and affordable for everyone. After graduating college with an overwhelming amount of debt, he was determined to change how students embark on their college education. Grant has spent his entire career working in startups with nearly 15 years of experience and 2 prior exits to a publicly traded company. He has been a board member and donor to a number of non-profits, an advisor to many publicly traded companies, and a guest speaker at seminars and graduate school courses. In this episode, we discuss how people can pay less and graduate more quickly from school, how a working adult should choose a school and a lot of unexpected but really valuable conversation of a range of emotional subjects. It was a great and unique show. You're not going to want to miss it.

Our Guest:
Grant Aldrich

Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
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