November 11, 2021

Eggs 233: Conquer imposter syndrome and start podcasting now with Kelly Glover

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Eggs Classics. This week we’re digging up an oldie but goodie that is sure to get you fired up about creating a podcast of your very own. If you’ve ever had any doubts, fears, whatever that have kept you from taking your voice to the airwaves, you’re going to want to hear this week’s show. From all the way back in September 2019, we’re featuring special guest Kelly Glover. Kelly is a broadcasting veteran and podcasting expert here to drop an array of knowledge bombs on you ranging from how and when to start a show to avoiding the dreaded imposter syndrome that may be keeping YOU from getting started podcasting today! Owner of the Talent Squad, a podcast booking and coaching agency, Kelly has plenty to say and it’s worth a listen. Joining the Eggs team for a chat about running a successful podcast, finding advertisers and sponsors to pay the bills, and how to conquer your fears of getting started, please join me in re-welcoming, from show 123, our special guest, Kelly Glover.

Our Guest:
Kelly Glover - Founder of The Talent Squad

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