July 1, 2021

Eggs 214: Podcasting and comedy, a match made in heaven with Joel Byars

Hey everyone and welcome back to Eggs Classics where we feature some of our favorite podcasts from our last four years of making Eggs, The Podcast.

In the heat of summer, schedules grow tighter, and on the occasional week where Mike and I cannot get together, like this week, we want to share content that newer listeners may have missed from our amazing back catalog and revisit guests and conversations that we think are worth hearing again.

We really value the support of the Eggs community and each week strive to reward the newbies and OGs with content sure to enrich your lives with relevant information and topics chosen to help you achieve whatever it is you hope to. So, without any further adieu please join me in this special re-presentation of episode number 114,  from July 25, 2019, Joel Byars, comedian, educator, and host of the Hot Breath Podcast.


Hey eggrybody, welcome back to another exciting edition of Eggs. Today's guest Joel Byars. Joel is an Atlanta-based stand up comic and host of the wildly successful Hot Breath Podcast. Further, he is the founder of the Joel Byars Comedy Class where he teaches individuals how to be better communicators while working to discover and develop the unique voice and perspective of his students. In our conversation we chat with Joel about getting his start in comedy, kicking off the comedy class and if comedy is for everyone, what inspired him to begin broadcasting and so much more! Tune in, turn up, then rate, like, share and subscribe!

Our Guest:
Joel Byars - Comdeian, Podcaster and Educator

*YouTube Live Video: * https://youtu.be/8t_HpVaO6-k

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