November 5, 2020

Eggs 181: Joey Mure and Russ Morgan - Partners at Wealth Without Wallstreet

Welcome back to Eggs. Todays guests are Joey Mure and Russ Morgan. They are partners at Wealth Without Wallstreet, a firm that provides financial insight and tools to break free of the mindset and bondage of Wall Street. Joey started his career in the mortgage business in 2003. Quickly growing to become a branch manager with one of the Nation's top mortgage lenders leading 25 loans officers. By 2010 he had achieved national recognition. However, despite earning an impressive income he still had significant questions about how to save for the future without having to borrow from banks. Later that year, Joey met Russ Morgan, his now partner, who shared the Infinite Banking Concept and everything changed. Infinite banking allowed Joey to get completely out of debt besides paying off his mortgage, he started saving four times the amount he had previously been saving, and now had a clear plan of how to save for all our life's expenses without giving up retirement savings. Joey and Russ co-founded a company called Wealth Without Wall Street and together they teach people to stop trading time for money to achieve financial freedom by following their 5 Pillars. Here to talk about all that and more, please join me in welcoming our guests, Joey Mure and Russ Morgan.

Our Guest:
Joey Mure & Russ Morgan
Partners at Wealth Without Wallstreet

Hosted by: Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar
Produced by: Michael Smith
Theme music: "Perfect Day" by OPM

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