August 27, 2020

Eggs 171: Kathy Bowman Atkins - Founder and CEO of The Lattitude Group

Welcome back to Eggs! This week's special guest is Kathy Bowman Atkins, founder, and CEO of The Lattitude Group. Kathy helps CEOs and business leaders set the course for their businesses. Her no-nonsense approach, combined with her unique talent for asking tough questions, get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Kathy left the corporate world 17 years ago in order to work from home while caring for her ailing parents. In that time she discovered a love for helping businesses find their true north and hasn’t looked back since. At The Lattitude Group, She combines her corporate and consulting experience to deliver sound advice, concrete plans, and processes, and sometimes a little tough love. Today, Kathy and her team deliver real-world experience, recognize key pain points, and partner with business leaders to keep a steady eye on results. Here to discuss what to do when you think your company is doing great and you don’t need any planning, the questions to ask yourself about your business, authenticity at work, and more, join us in welcoming our guest, Kathy Bowman Atkins.

Our Guest:
Kathy Bowman Atkins
The Lattitude Group

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