August 1, 2019

EGGS 115: Damon Burton Founder and President of SEO National

Welcome back to another exciting episode of EGGS! This week's guest is SEO expert, search aficionado, and entrepreneur Damon Burton. Damon is the president and founder of SEO National, a leading SEO firm who has worked with organizations ranging from the Inc. 500 to the Utah Jazz in their efforts to drive metric driven results. Our conversation was super informative with lots of information for both big businesses and those just kicking off their online presence. We talked SEO — of course — common missteps people make when DIYing their SEO, simple things we can all do to improve our online visibility, tips and tricks to writing/creating content that converts, building a company then scaling it and so much more. We covered a lot of ground and had a great chat. Tune in and learn something why don't you!?

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Our Guest:
Damon Burton - Founder and president of SEO National

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