EGGS 110: Josh Steimle - Founder and CEO of Influencer Inc.

This week on Eggs we have and amazing guest in store for you. His name is Josh Stiemle. Founder and CEO of Influencer Inc., Founder of MWI, a digital marketing agency and well-known public speaker and writer Josh is a veritable treasure trove of great information for anyone hoping to find success. His story is really compelling, coming from running a floundering marketing shop, he discovered the power of content creation. He began writing articles for his audience at first but rapidly was discovered by leading magazines like Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes and many more and off the success of those pieces he catapulted his company into wild success. Now the author of 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery, Josh was kind enough to appear on Eggs to share not only his journey but how you can create content and leverage it to move your own career and life forward. It was a great chat and you'll get a ton out of it. Take a listen, don't forget your pad and paper!

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Our Guest:
Josh Steimle - Founder and CEO of Influencer Inc.
Founder MWI Digital Marketing Agency
Author of 60-Days to LinkedIn Mastery


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June 27, 2019