EGGS 109: Keri Murphy - Founder and CEO of Inspired Living

This week on Eggs we have special guest Keri Murphy. Keri is the founder and CEO of Inspired Living a company which helps people to achieve their highest potential by coaching them through personal brand development. Inspired living offers everything from intensive in-person training that unlocks a person's ability to work in front of the camera, as well as developing content, developing personal brands and living your inspired life. We had a great conversation with Keri where we discussed personal brand development, when a 'share' becomes an 'overshare,' tips and tricks around content creation and distribution, overcoming adversity, the journey of a female CEO and so much more. It was a great visit and bring a pen, you're going to want to take notes.

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Keri Murphy - Founder and CEO of Inspired Living
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June 20, 2019