December 13, 2018

EGGS 083: Tim Bornholdt - Entrepreneur and founder of the Jed Mahonis Group

Welcome to another exciting edition of Eggs. Today's guest is Tim Bornholdt. Tim is an entrepreneur, software developer, videographer, and the founder of The Jed Mahonis Group. At The Jed Mahonis Group, Tim specializes in helping businesses to strategize, design, develop, and deploy custom iOS and Android mobile application systems that bring their products and services right to their customer's front door. We had a really great conversation about what it REALLY takes to develop an app from start to finish, working with Agile processes and the fact that he was once the proud owner of the largest Ralph Wiggum fan site on the internet. It was a great chat and you're going to love it. Tune in then tell a buddy.

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Tim Bornholdt
Jed Mahonis Group
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