October 18, 2018

EGGS 075: Digital Marketing Expert at Disruptive Marketing Chris Daley

This weeks show features very special guest Chris Daley. Chris is a digital marketing entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses succeed online. After spending years driving traffic through SEO and digital marketing efforts, Chris turned his attention to the study of user experience. In 2014 he started his conversion optimization agency Dayley Conversion later merging with his latest venture, Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization. They offer full-service A/B testing solutions to clients including strategy, design, development and analytics.

Really informative chat with lots of key takeaways that you can use in your own job or business. Join us won't you?

07:45 - College Degree or Portfolio? What is necessary for Creatives.
13:00 - Traffic without results.
16:00 - Organic Traffic vs Social Traffic.
18:30 - Conversion Funnel.
22:00 - Starting a business (Dayley Conversion)
29:20 - Scaling a business, using freelancers.
34:30 - Abundance Mentality
37:50 - Developing Trust with your clients.
43:15 - Finding your first client. Pitching your client with Value Propositions.
49:00 - AB Testing fundamentals.
54:40 - Most common problems that businesses make with their website.
56:30 - Merging a business, choosing a partner.

Our Guest:
Chris Daley
@chrisdayley on twitter @chrisdayley on LinkedIn

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