August 9, 2018

EGGS 065: Curtis Casey and Bill Delrieu, founding members of Vayden

Hey everybody, this week on Eggs we take you on a little walk down memory lane that was literally 10 years in the making. We had the opportunity to sit down with our old friends Curtis Casey and Bill Delrieu, singer and bass player for the international rock music phenomenon, Phoenix, Arizona-based Vayden.

Who knew it would ever work out but the moons literally aligned and we found ourselves in a room in downtown SLC reminiscing about the Phoenix, AZ rock scene circa 2005 — which was on-point BTW — building a following, concert and show promotion, Mike and Ryan's history in Phoenix and beyond, trials and tribulations of the music business and a rise to international success. This episode is a real feel-good-fest and we're excited to share the reunion with you guys. Tune in and turn up! Rate, like, share and subscribe!

Our Guests: 
Curtis Casey and Bill Delrieu,
Founding members of Vayden
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