EGGS 047: Ryan & Mike - The Eggs crew

This week on Eggs co-hosts Mike and Ryan sit down and get caught up. After weeks and weeks of start-studded interviews we had a guest reschedule so it gave us an opportunity to sit down and just chat. Doesn't seem like it, but its been a minute. This gave us the opportunity to chat about Mike's recent roadtrip to Seattle and a string of great shows. Also, Ryan has relaunched his streetwear brand, Restless, so we went behind the scenes and talked about ecommerce, marketing online and other things learned during the re-launch. He also has some related travel to LA and NYC over the next two weeks so we talked about that. Finally we talked a bit about some recent DNA analysis that Ryan did and his latest discovery—Found My Fitness. Informational show to be sure definately some valuable nuggets in this one… tune in and turn up!

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Our Guest: Ryan & Mike, the Eggs crew


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April 5, 2018