December 28, 2017

EGGS 033: Holiday After-Party Clip Show Extravaganza

This week on Eggs, presented by Goodside Skateboards and Deli Fresh Threads we proudly present our end-of-year, Holiday After-Party Clip Show Extravaganza! We've put together the best of the show featuring clips from many of our favorite guests from throughout our inaugural year. We've got the best of our conversations with Gina Grad, Desi Velentine, Shaun O'Neale and so many more! We are so grateful for all the support we have gotten since launching the show, and look forward to an exciting new year. See you in 2018!

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Our Guests:

Will Truran:

Gina Grad:
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Desi Valentine:

Shaun O'Neale:
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Anthony "Biggie" Bencomo:
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Adam Stoker:
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Alvaro Navazo:
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Borja Navazo:
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