December 7, 2017

EGGS 030: The Eggs Crew - America's favorite podcasters*

This week on Eggs presented by Goodside Skateboards and Deli Fresh Threads the Eggs crew sits down for a late night pod in the middle of a men's weekend. We discuss the life and times of Restless Clothing, Ryan and Clint's former and possibly future clothing brand. We talk a little MMA, a little music, recapping the Desi Valentine concert, our diet/weight-loss program—or lack thereof—cheesecake, making cocktails, and a star-studded review of Murder on the Orient Express featuring the Borja Factor and star of Ethan's Corner, Ethan Roghaar. Its a lot of fun, with America's favorite podcasters*.

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*As reported by an independent study of our friends, relatives and fans of the show.


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The Eggs Crew (Idaho/Utah)


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