November 30, 2017

EGGS 029: Singer-Songwriter Desi Valentine

This week on Eggs presented by Goodside Skateboards and Deli Fresh Threads we have the wildly-talented singer songwriter Desi Valentine. On a recent tour stop in SLC we were able to get an hour with Desi backstage to talk about where he's been, where he's at and where he's headed. We talked about growing up in the UK, finding his inspiration, his time on the West End (London's "Broadway")as a theater performer, playing the O2 arena with Elton John, touring with the likes of Blondie and Andra Day, finding success in TV, making the jump across the pond and finding his voice, and so much more. Really fun and interesting conversation. We were thrilled to have him on the show and guarantee that after our chat he's sure to be your new favorite singer, as he is ours!

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Desi Valentine (Los Angeles, CA/Catford, UK)

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